Hangzhi AC / DC Current Transducer products are

MGW Trade & Service, as the globally partner of Hangzhi, are working closely with Hangzhi to offer AC / DC current transducer products globally, exclusively in Australia and New Zealand.  

Thanks to the multi point zero flux gate and close-looped excitation control technology, Hangzhi current transducer products have high accuracy, linearity & stability, and low temperature drift and zero drift. More details about the Multi point zero flux gate technology is available in the article written by Hangzhi specialists and published on IEEE website. 

Few series of AC / DC current transducer products with different accuracy levels and output signal types are developed to meet various applications in different industries. 


The products are CE and RoHS compliant, click for details. 


Hangzhi AIT/DIT Series
High precision aC / DC current transducer

Key Features of high precision aC / DC Current Transducer products:

  • With very high accuracy of 10ppm (10 parts per million)
  • Very high accuracy, linearity & time stability
  • Measuring range from 60A to 6000A
  • Both current output and voltage output products are available
  • Extremely low temperature drift
  • Fixed zero point
  • High performance on full bandwitdth
  • High Immunity to external fields
  • Different signal output options (current, 0-10V & Digital output)
  • Optically insulated output (photocoupler) indicates transducer state
  • LED indicator confirms normal operation

Key Features of iIT Series industrial grade AC / DC Current Sensor products:

  • With high accuracy of 0.02%;
  • High linearity & time stability
  • Measuring range from 60A to 6000A
  • Current output
  • Extremely low temperature drift
  • Fixed zero point
  • High performance on full bandwidth
  • High Immunity to external fields

Hangzhi IIT series
Industrial grade aC / DC current Sensor

Hangzhi RIT series
Residual Current Transducer

Key Features of RIT Series Residual Current Transducer products:

  • Reasonably high accuracy for small current measurement: up to 0.2% @ 0.1A, 1A, 3A & 5A, and 1% @ 0.01A;
  •  Quick Response: raise to 90% output in 2ms
  •  High Band width (-3dB):  up to 100kHz;
  •  High linearity in full range

Key Features of HIT Series Hall Substituting Current Sensor products:

  • Zero-flux-gate Current Transducer replacement solutions for Hall Effect current sensors, with 0.05% in accuracy and 50ppm in linearity;
  • Similar cost with Hall Effect current sensors;
  • Analogical output;
  • Wide measuring range choice up to 600A;
  • Customization is available; 

Hangzhi HIT Series
hall Substituting aC/DC current sensor

Q & A


Q1: What is typical response time of Hangzhi current transducer products?


AIT Series real-time response, 100A/us
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Major Customers

Hangzhi AC / DC current transducer products have been widely used in electrical equipment, medical equipment, battery testing equipment and calibration equipment etc. Especially, they are well recognized by national R&D institutes, national metrology institutes, and global medical and electrical manufacturers.  



Customer Business


AIT & DIT series high precision current transducer

Shenzhen Xinglong Technology Co., Ltd

Electric car charging stand manufacturer

Calibration equipment

AIT & IIT series current Sensors

Shenzhen Clou Electronic Co,. Ltd

High precision electric & electronic equipment manufacturer

High precision electrical instruments

AIT series current sensors

Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Science

National Scientific R&D Institute

Heavy ion accelerator

AIT series current sensors

National Institute of Metrology China

National Metrology Institute

Electrical test bench

AIT series current transducer

Analogic Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Global medical equipment manufacturer

MRI Equipment

AIT series current sensors

BYD New-energy

Battery, Automobile manufacturer

Battery testing equipment

IIT series current sensors

Emerson, China

Global electrical equipment manufacturer

Electrical and convertor equipment

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