CH Series Hybrid Solid-State Lidar Sensors

The CH Series 128/120/64/32/16 Channel LiDAR sensors is designed for Automotive Grade Standards to meet demands of L4 and L5 autonomous cars. With a hybrid solid-state structure. The horizontal FOV is 150°. Its detection range is up to 300m, and the distance accuracy is ±2cm, which can work with high-speed, low-speed cars and other scenarios


  • Breakthrough in the Automotive Grade of Temperature & Shock Requirement
  • Flexible options, products with 128, 120, 80, 64, & 32 channels available
  • Perfect Performance With The Most Attractive Price
  • All components meet the Automotive Grade Requirement

Road Test Point Cloud DEMO of CH128

Road Test Point Cloud DEMO of CH32



CH Series Hybrid Solid-state
- Specification

   Click HERE to download Specification of CH Series LiDAR scanners. 

Road Test Point Cloud DEMO of CX32

Road Test Point Cloud DEMO of CX16

CX Series 360° Multi-Channel LiDAR
- Specification

   Click HERE to download Specification of CH Series LiDAR scanners. 

CX Series 360° Multi-Channel Lidar Sensors

CX Series 32 / 20 / 16 channel LiDAR achieves 360° 3D high-speed scanning with 32 / 20 / 16 -beam laser, measurement range up to 200 m, ±3cm accuracy, minimum vertical angle resolution up to 0.33°(C32) /1°(C20).



  • High point density, capable of generating approximately 320,000 3D point cloud coordinates per second
  • Wide field of view, with 360°horizontal FOV and 32°vertical FOV
  • Compact size and light weight


LS SLAM Navigation Solutions

LS provide Plug & Play SLAM Navigation solutions for different automatic vehicle, such as cleaning robots, unmanned forklift, AGV & Industrial and Agricultural Robots etc. 

DEMO of LS Products and SLAM solutions in Robots

DEMO of LS Automatic Forklift System

DEMO of LS MS-C16 for Mapping Application

DEMO of LS MS-CH32 for Mapping Application

Lidar 3D Mapping System & Scanners

Lidar 3D Modeling System is a LiDAR point cloud data acquisition system for geographic information detection independently developed by Leishen. It integrates LiDAR, GNSS / INS positioning and attitude measuring system (POS), camera and storage control unit. Combined with the needs of surveying and mapping applications such as forestry surveys, topographic mapping, smart cities, power inspections, and emergency surveys, it has two
specific solutions: real-time 3D modeling and offline 3D modeling.

Navigation LiDAR N301/401

The N301 series of LiDAR sensor adopt the TOF principle, with a 360 ° scanning and measurement range is up to 150m. The ranging accuracy is ±3cm (N401:±1cm ), which can identify the position, size and moving direction of the detected object in real time.


N301/401 Lidar for AGV, robotics
LS W Anti-collision Lidar Sensor

W Series TOF Anti-collision LiDAR

LeiShen W series Anti-collision Laser sensor is mainly applied to performs collision avoidance and area detection for AGV, RGV, Robot, ect. There are 15 field sets to be chosen and finally output with signals of switching values and point cloud. 

LS01B Series 360°Triangular LiDAR

LS01 series LiDAR is a 2D LiDAR developed by Leishen. This series LiDAR can do 360° 2D scanning to generate spatial point cloud map, signals of switching values and point cloud. 


  • Consumer Robots, like cleaning robots, service robots etc.