Hangzhi Current Transducer

Hangzhi, a high-tech electronics company based in Shenzhen, China, design and manufacture with Zero flux gate current transducers with top quality and effective cost. 

Hangzhi current transducers can measure from DC60A up to 6000A, with different accuracy levels from 0.05%, 0.02%, 50ppm, up to 10ppm. 

MGW, closely working with Hangzhi as the global marketing and sales partner, offer full range of Hangzhi high precision current transducer products and related technical services globally, and exclusively in Australia and New Zealand region.  

Based on their zero flux gate technology, the innovative HIU AC/DC and PSM electrical standard testers were developed, which can measure AC/DC current up to 1500A, energy, voltage, ripple, harmonics etc, with 0.02% accuracy. 


MGW, as the global marketing and sales partner with Hangzhi, offer full range of Hangzhi high precision current & energy tester products and related technical services globally. 

Hangzhi Current & Energy Tester

Leice have been in the wind measurement lidar for more than 10 years. They design and manufacture wind lidars covering all needs in wind and atomospheric industry, such as Doppler Windmast for both onshore and offshore measurement, and scanning lidar, and wind turbine control lidar etc. Their products have been widely accepted in Chinese wind industry, and operating in wind sites across China from East to west and South to North under harsh environment conditions like extremely low/high temperature, frost, snow, salty near or off shore sites, and high altitude sites as well. 


MGW offer LeiCe wind measurement Lidar products and technical services for wind projects in Australia and New Zealand.

We offer full range of the Wanhe filter products for wind turbine in Australia and New Zealand, including gearbox filter cartridges, hydraulic filter cartridges, and offline filters etc. 

Wind Turbine Filters


Carbon Brushes

We offer SGL carbon brushes that are validated by wind turbine OEMs to Australia and New Zealand wind farm & service provider customers directly. 

We offer full range of the Wanhe Longwall Mining filtration solutions in Australia and New Zealand. 

Longwall Mining Hydraulic Filters​

Cunren Carbon brush

ProWind / Cunren
Carbon Brushes

ProWind / Cunren who is the one of the biggest carbon brush manufacturers in China with annual volume of 140T graphite products. 

Their carbon brush products have been widely applied in wind, traction, power tools, electric motors and other industries. 

Founded in 2015, LeiShen Intelligent System is an innovative global leading provider of LiDAR sensors and customized solutions, offering reliable and affordable LiDAR sensing technologies to deploy largely in automotive and other intelligent industries.

3D & 2D Lidar sensors for agv, robotics, autonomous vehicle, mapping

Leishen Lidars