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Lidar for wind turbine control - H400

Product Description


  • WindHorizon H400 is a miniaturized and high-precision forward-looking pulse lidar to be installed on wind turbine nacelles, which can accurately detect the wind speed and direction of any 10 distance doors 50m to 400m directly in front of the wind turbine rotor.
  • H400 Lidar is suitable for wind turbine control applications, such as  yaw error correction, wind turbine power curve validation test, and feedforward control to reduce load on the wind turbine. It has significance for improving wind turbine power generation efficiency, reducing wind turbine load and failure rate, and extending wind turbine service life
  • IEC61400-50-3 is under development and planned to be released in August 2021. Few companies have started to use it for Power Curve Validation in offshore wind farms because of its convenience, safety features and low cost. 
Lidar for wind turbine control- H400

Functional features of H400 Lidar

lidar for wind turbine control H400 on the nacelle
  • Full function: yaw, feedforward control, power curve test
  • High accuracy: wind speed 0.1m / s, wind direction 0.5 °, passed white box and black box accuracy test
  • High resolution: 4Hz data refresh rate, meter-level distance resolution
  • Wide range of compatible models: can be customized for different models (including detection distance, optical opening angle, data output, etc.)
  • Easy installation: small size, light weight, low power consumption, fast installation, support for multiple compatible data interfaces
  • Unattended: remote network data acquisition and device monitoring
  • Strong robustness: continuous and stable work in harsh environments on land and at sea

How Does H400 Lidar Work with wind turbine

The wind turbine Lidar is design to predict wind condition in the upstream the wind turbine rotor, and send the signal to turbine controller to control the yaw and pitch to adapt the predicted wind condition. Due to the wind is continuously changing in both speed and direction. Leice nacelle base Lidars have following features to secure the high performance of the measurement:

  • Capable to measure wind speed from certain distance in front of the wind turbine rotor
  • To measure the wind speed and wind direction shear with 4 beams
  • Capable to predict the wind speed and time with multi-distance measurement, 4Hz sampling, & specific algorithm

Wind Turbine Control Algorithm With H400



Detection range50m ~ 400m
Data refresh rate1Hz ~ 4Hz (can be set by software)
Measuring distance gate10 distance gates can be configured as required (1 meter positioning accuracy)
Wind speed measurement range0m / s ~ 50m / s
Wind speed accuracy≤0.1m / s
Wind direction accuracy≤0.5 °
Number of beams4 beams
Data productsRadial wind speed, pitch angle and roll angle, 1s / 10min hub height horizontal wind speed and wind direction sequence, horizontal and vertical wind shear, turbulence intensity, signal to noise ratio, data acquisition rate
Data storagecsv text format, 1 year data storage
Data interfaceEthernet (RJ45), CAN (RJ45), 4G, USB, HDMI, RS232, etc. (customization support)
Operating temperatureOutside unit: -30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ Inside unit: -30 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
Environmental protection levelIP65 Anti-salt fog IEC 60068-2-11 Humidity: 0% to 100%
Electrical safety standardsComply with EN 61010, CE standard

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