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Description of WP350M

  • WP350M is developed for offshore wind measurements, on the basis of WP350 onshore wind measurement lidar, with integrated algorithm and more robust design for anti-corrosion;
  • Offshore Wind Lidar WP350M can be deployed on marine buoy floating platform, measurement from 40m to 350m is achieved, and cover the three-dimensional wind field detection of the sweep surface of large-scale wind turbine;
  • The Motion Attitude Correction and Offshore Wind Field Inversion Algorithm integrated in the Lidar system is developed to achieve refined inversion of offshore wind farm to provide the wake information.
  • The WP350M lidar system WP350M with small dimensions and lower power consumption and working with power supply system consists of solar, wind and fuel batteries systems on the floating buoy platform is developed to meet the offshore application requirements like offshore wind farm development and operation. More than 6 months uninterrupted measurement is achieved.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Offshore wind farm measurements:
  • working with marine buoy platform to meet the offshore application requirements
    High definition:
  • second-class time definition, and 10m class with distance definition
  • High accuracy: Motion attitude correction algorithm secured accuracy ≤ 0.3m/s
  • Wide measurement range: 40m-350m to meet the offshore wind farm development
  • Flexible for deployment: small dimensions and weight and low power consumption, and be conveniently installed on the marine buoy platform
  • Cost effective: affordable construction cost, short construction duration, and re-usable
  • Unattended: Satellite data communication and equipment status monitor
  • Strong robustness: can work stably and continuously under harsh offshore condition
Floating offshore wind measurement lidar - WP350M
Float Buoy for Offshore Wind Lidar

Technical verification of WP350M -Comparison with sounding balloon

Wind Speed comparison

Wind direction comparison​

Data comparison between Leice WP350MB Lidar and Air Balloon

Floating Offshore Wind Lidar technical specifications

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