MGW offer wind turbine filter element products manufactured by Wanhe-Filtration in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and India, including wind turbine gearbox oil filter, offline filters & desiccant breather (air filter), hydraulic oil and coolant filter products. 


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 Wanha has more then 20 years experience for filter element products manufacturing for different industries, such as Coal mine (longwall mining) equipment, refrigeration machinery, Wind turbine industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical system, power electronics, food, medical, and aerospace industry. 


In December 2014, Wanha was officially listed on the Beijing New Third Edition Stock Marke with abbreviation: Wanhe Filter Stock and code: 831389.


Filter Element for Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Gearbox Main oil Filter Element

Technical Specifications: 

Oil Cleanliness:

oil initial grade ISO4406 — 19/17/14 (grade 8)*;
After filtration up to grade ISO4406 – 17/15/12 (grade 6)*;
Filtration : 10pm, β10 (c) >400;
Filter replacement alarm pressure difference: 3.5 Bar;
Dirt holding capacity: >296.69 (Under standard dust test conditions);
Operating temperature: -40°F ~190°F;

Filtration efficiency: >99.75%;
Pressure drop: < 0.4 Bar; Bypass valve opening pressure: 4 Bar.
*12-Month case study- Wanhe 1300R filter installed in GE1.5 ESSβ

Wind Turbine Filter Element - Gearbox main filter element
Wind Turbine Filter Element - Hydraulic filter

Wind Turbine Hydraulic Filter Elements

Hydraulic oil filter products play an important role to make sure the pitch, yaw, and brake system operate properly, and reduce the rates of replacing hydraulic parts and improve the availability of the wind turbines. 

Technical Specifications: 

Filtration precision: 10um, β10 (c) >400;

Operating temperature: —5°F ~250°F;
Filtration efficiency: >99.5%;

Filter crushing pressure: 20 Bar;

Suitable for Hydraulic pump stations produced by Eaton, Parker, Internormen
and others.


Wind Turbine Desiccant breathers (Air Filter)

Wind turbine Desiccant breathers (Air filter) are a key component designed to protect lubricant quality,
widely used in gearboxes, storage tanks, transformers, hydraulic stations and
other pieces of equipment. Due to thermal expansion and contraction of the
fluids in these pieces of equipment, and the inability to truly seal these
components, there must be a breather port to allow air to pass freely. Our

desiccant breathers not only filter solid contaminants from the air entering your sensitive equipment, but they also remove moisture from the entering air to keep your oil clean and dry. 

Desiccant filtration products

Efficient water vapor absorption.
Simple and reliable lubricant protection device.
Flexible polycarbonate plastic shell with elastic, shock—resistant structure.
Two—way controllable airflow.
Multi-stage filtration process.
Color-Changing desiccant gives visual replacement indication.

Gearbox filter - offline

Offline oil filter elements

Specification of offline oil filter products:

Working temperature: 14°F ~ 180°F; 

Filtration precision: 3pm β5(c)>l000; 
Filtration efficiency: >99.9%; 

Initial pressure drop<0.9 Bar; 
Water absorbing capacity: approximate 680ml; 

Dirt holding capacity: >410g.

Coolant filtration elements

Wanhe Filtration can customize different kinds of water glycol filter for the
pump station in the water cooling system.

Full stainless steel: SUS304, SUS316L( Only SS316L for offshore wind turbines
Small initial pressure drop: 0.1 Bar.
Fully welding structure to adopt different kinds of cooling liquid.

coolant filtration products

Quality standards applied during Wind Turbine Filter Elements manufacturing

To ensure consistent product quality, all raw materials and finished products undergo rigorous control and testing. Wanhe Filtration’s testing quality control procedures follow GB & ISO standards as follows:

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